Monday, May 31, 2010

Benefits of Making Meaningful Blog Comments

When it comes to reading and visiting blogs, do you leave meaningful comments? Or, are you the type of person who reads a blog entry and then just leaves?

When it comes to leaving comments on blogs that you frequently read, it is important to leave meaningful comments. Why you might ask? Because leaving meaningful comments can benefit your home business by driving traffic back to your business web site or personal blog.

When I speak about leaving meaningful comments, I specifically mean that you should draft up several sentences about the blog post you just read...your thoughts or opinions on the post and if appropriate, engage the author of the post by posting your own questions to them within your comments.

Now you might be asking yourself...why should I spend my valuable time by leaving comments on an author's blog? Well, I am going to tell you how this benefits you.

1. Leaving comments can drive traffic back to your sites. An author of a blog sees way too many insignificant comment posts or spam posts and won't take the time to come visit your web site or blog unless you engage them in conversation. You can do that by leaving an engaging comment or question on their blog.

2. When you leave well thought out comments on a writer's blog, you can build a relationship with them. Part of online business networking is about relationship building...commenting on posts can open the door to a new professional and/or personal relationship.

3. If you are reading blogs that are within your same business niche, you can get quality one-way back links to your site if the owner of the blog allows links in their comments.

4. People who frequently read Jane Doe's blog will see your name in the comments section and if you are leaving a meaningful comment, this could peak their interest and perhaps they will come to visit your site.

Overall, it is very beneficial for you to spend some time reading blogs and leaving engaging and meaningful comments. If you just read and gain nothing in return.

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