Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Difference Between Work-at-Home & Home Busines

Did you know there is a difference? Well, there is. “Work-at-Home” denotes something that you can just sit down and do, maybe for a small fee or other charge. Examples of this would be when you do paid surveys, mystery shopping, etc. With some of those you buy a database that has companies that will pay with either cash or prizes, for your opinion. These are fun to do – even without the money, I would like someone to care about my opinion – and who knows maybe some companies make improvements based on the answers!

“Home Business” on the other hand, usually means you are actually starting your own business working from home. If this is an “online home business”, it can include having a domain name, a website, marketing programs, link programs, advertising programs, etc. There is more than a small investment of time and money.

This doesn’t mean, however, if you don’t have a lot of money, or even a lot of time, that you can’t start a home business. The beauty of working for yourself, is you can do as little or as much as you want to! You can go at your own rate of speed! Unless you do have a lot of money, however, I wouldn’t advise quitting your day job right off the bat (as great as that sounds!).

The first rule of thumb with either “work at home” or “home business” is to completely obliterate in your mind any hype of getting rich overnight, driving expensive cars, and sitting around all day by your new pool. On the other hand, there is no reason to mistrust every single opportunity because so many are deceptive and misleading in this regard.

There is no reason with either option that you can’t make money, either part-time or full-time. However, with “Home Business”, just like any business, there are going to be expenses. This is a fact of life. If you are serious and determined about wanting your own business, however, you will find a way, one way or another to do whatever you have to do. At least in the USA, your business expenses are tax deductible if you itemize your taxes. Simple as that. If you stick to it, you will do it!

Something in between “Home Business” and “Work-at-Home” is something called “Affiliate Marketing”. This is truly an ingenius and advantageous situation for both the affiliate and the affiliate program. Join one or start one. Or many! There are few start-up costs other than marketing expenses for “affiliates”.

This is the perfect way to get started in an internet business. The program gives you an affiliate ID and free advertisements – such as a ’splash page’, and all you do is refer people to the splash page. The program does everything else – customer service, membership services, drop-shipping, payments, etc. If someone joins the program or buys a product from your link, you get a commission!

Affiliates are good for the program because they do the marketing at their expense and are not an ‘employee’, and as such they are not paid unless they sell something or refer someone. Can you see where they are getting a lot of free advertising? For the ‘affiliate’, he or she may be someone who has the desire, but not yet the expertise – maybe has no idea WHAT to do to earn money online, but just knows they WANT to! It’s a great thing that they can get in on the action without having a program or product of their own to sell!

In every case, there are plenty of free and inexpensive resources to use for markeitng and advertising while you ‘get your feet wet’. These are classified ad sites, safelists, traffic programs, search engine submission, reciprocal linking, etc. The idea is to get going with whatever you’ve got. Save your pennies, and when you get affiliate commissions, referral fees, sales commissions, reinvest it in more effective advertising. Maybe even do work-at-home jobs to generate cash for investment in your home business!

Long story short, YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU WANT TO! Instead of commuting and fighting traffic on the freeway – drive traffic on the internet from the comfort of home and make money. Start it up in your spare time and see how it goes…

By :-  Home Business Advice - Patricia Brucoli @ 6:09 pm

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