Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to make Buttercream Icing - Video Tutorial

Well rasa seronok pulak dapat kongsi ilmu yang walaupun not from my own pocket, but i wud still love to share. Since i m not so call a "professional baker" n belum layak nak conduct kelas, ini aje la yg boleh i kongsi. B4 this i shared about making the cupcake and this time plak camna nak icing your cake.

Buttercream is an essential ingredient for frosting or icing yr cake. The following Video is a basic n most easiest way of making the buttercream. Actually, there a so many version of buttercream ni. Ada yang pakai shortening, krimwel and so on. But u can try la mana2 resepi n i that one goes well...then that's it la. So, happy trying yaaa...

U can get more buttercream icing and mcm2 lagi kat Wilton .
Di samping itu banyak lagi resepi cupcake lain yg menarik.

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