Friday, July 24, 2009

Cupcake Ebook For Free

Hi everyone,
I m back with more free ebook but this time it's not about making money.
Found this interesting cupcake ebook. It's good to see this kind of free stuffs which also means not every single things need to be as "business matter", sometimes we got to share our knowledge with society for free, isn't it huh?..sengihnampakgigi

1. How To Make Cupcake by Tara Burner.

This free ebook w/step by step photo's and directions
on how to make cupcake cakes
Download here.

2. Cupcake Recipes by CupcakeStyle
Simple to follow cupcake and cupcake icing recipes including carrot cupcake recipe, lemon cupcake recipe, quick and easy cupcake recipe, vanilla cupcake recipe, chocolate cupcake recipe. Cupcake baking tips, ideas and inspiration for successful cupcakes. Shows use of cupcake wrappers in dressing cupcakes.
Download here.

3. More Cupcake recipes by CupcakeStyle
More cupcake recipes including; coconut cupcake recipe, blueberry cupcake recipe, banana cupcake recipe, ginger cupcake recipe and coffee cupcake recipe. Alongside ideas, inspiration and tips on decorating cupcakes in style. Cupcake wrappers.
Download here.

4. Cake Decorating for beginners
A Beginners Guide to Cake Decorating:Tips & Recipes to impress at your next Celebration!
This 37 pages ebook contain a simple introduction to the art of creative cake decorating techniques that you can learn from professionals.
Download here.
Cake Decorating for Beginners

Happy baking...

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